McMahan's Bottle Gas


McMahan's Bottle Gas - The Early Years

McMahan's Bottle Gas was started in 1955 by Don McMahan. He owned the business until 1969 when he leased it to Nick Buschur. Nick's brother, Joe, bought the lease from him in 1979 after Nick left McMahan's to pursue other business interests. Joe had been working at, and managing McMahan's for about ten years. His experience helped make the transition easier, since business was tough in the early 1970's with the gas crunch, escalating prices and the government's price controls.

Where McMahan's Bottle Gas Is Now

Since 1979 we have steadily grown our business. At that time we were servicing a couple thousand customers out of one tiny office building. In 1986 we purchased Colwell's Bottle Gas. In 1990 we purchased Modernistic Gas Service. This gave us a second location on the North side of town. In 2000 we moved our main office from an 800 square foot building in front of McMahan's Trailer Park to a 9,000 square foot building that sits on six acres. We believe that we have one of the finest plants in Ohio. Today between our two plants we service approximately 4,000 customers in seven counties around the Dayton area.

We have always been a family owned business and still are today. We are proud of this industry and our business. We believe propane is a clean and reliable fuel, and look forward to supplying our customers for many years to come.