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AutoGas Propane Service

Our business is to provide you with cost-effective, reliable energy to safely power your Dayton Region-based vehicle or fleet. For decades worldwide, propane autogas has been used as a vehicle fuel in fleet applications such as buses, shuttles and police vehicles. Now, consumers are able to buy personal vehicles that are either dedicated propane or bi-fuel.

There are many benefits to be realized by using propane autogas. One is that it potentially lowers vehicle maintenance costs because propane’s high octane rating, along with its low carbon and low oil contamination traits can oftentimes result in longer engine life.

Choosing propane autogas for fleets that need a central refueling location is convenient, affordable and reliable. Fleet vehicles that need to refuel on the route can easily find numerous propane autogas refueling stations in every state.

The benefits of propane autogas include fewer harmful emissions released into the air we all breathe. Vehicles using propane autogas emit 25 percent fewer greenhouse gas emissions than those vehicles that run on gasoline, and offer 80 percent fewer smog-producing hydrocarbon emissions than vehicles running on diesel.

Additional good news is that there is an abundant supply of propane autogas produced right here in the United States. This reduces our dependence on foreign oil and helps keep more jobs in America.